Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I haven't written recently because there isn't much to write!  We've been enjoying this time with Baby C and getting ready to get pregnant, both mentally and physically.  I have been trying out the Brewer Pregnancy Diet the past few weeks to see if it was something I wanted to do while I was pregnant, and it really made me think about the nutrition balance I was getting every day and how what I ate affected my body.  It is a diet that is supposed to help pregnant moms avoid hypertension, although I didn't have any problems with that while carrying Baby C, I thought it has to be a good way for a mama-to-be to eat!  Read  info at the link above if you're interested.  I'd recommend it and it's pretty easy to follow on a day-to-day basis.

The other thing I've been spending time doing is BBT charting and analyzing my info.  Here's this month so far:

Before I was pregnant with Clint, my cycle was 32 days long, so I'm expected Aunt Flo around Saturday!

The next graph is really interesting to me.  After my period ended, I was confused when my temperature spiked between CD7 and CD10 (CD = Cycle Day).  Then I decided to look at both cycles together, anchored on ovulation.

Look at how similar my temperatures are both months!  I think that is pretty darn cool!  After further research, I learned that it is my estrogen spiking while the dominant follicle develops.  It's so neat how the human body works! :)

Okay, okay.... so by now you're probably wondering, "Yadda, yadda, when are you going to actually get pregnant already?!"  Well folks, I'm excited to tell you that after this next period, we will be actively TRYING!  WOO HOO!  I've been waiting for this for quite some time!

So on to the title of the post.  Today was our VBAC consult with Dr. C.  I piled Baby C in to the car over an hour before our 10:45 am appointment and started making, what I hope to be, the familiar trek out to Dr. C's office.  Daddy B met us out there from work.  We got there just in time but waited almost an hour to get called back.  The wait didn't bother us too much since we knew who we were waiting for!  

After going back to an exam room, Dr. C came in and we just spent half an hour all getting to know each other.  He remembered my "curved and shallow pelvis" from the ICAN meeting (lol!), we discussed how I ended up in a c/s with Baby C, what we want this time, etc.  We even looked at my charts together and Dr. C said I look normal and healthy!

The coolest thing that happened was at the end.  We know from hearing Dr. C speak that he believes in God.  Daddy B and I recently picked up these bracelets at our church:

It reads, "GOD IS BIG ENOUGH."  Daddy B and I have really been reflecting a lot on this saying.  We have talked about how much we have to trust the God has His hand on our situation, from getting pregnant, through the pregnancy and through the birth.  It is amazing to think that God already has our sweet baby picked out for us and knows how they will be born.  Daddy B and I decided to wear these bracelets from now through the birth of our next child to act as a constant reminder to keep our lives in perspective.  

So at the end of the appointment I told Dr. C about why we were wearing these bracelets and what they mean to us.  Dr. C couldn't have agreed more and I happened to have a spare bracelet in my bag ("happened to" ha.  You think that was a coincidence? ).  I told Dr. C I wanted him to have it.  He looked at us and said, "As you can see, I don't wear any jewelry.  But I am going to wear this bracelet through the birth of your baby as well.  I won't take it off."  ::tears::

Dr. C told us to get busy making a baby and he hoped he would see us very soon!