Monday, July 18, 2011

We're on the way to our VBAC!

We're pregnant!!!

It was 9 Days Past Ovulation (DPO) and I had been having symptoms literally since the day I ovulated. said that 15% of pregnant women get a positive test at 9DPO, so I decided I'd give it a shot.  I saw a faint line!!


I had read that the blue dye tests aren't as accurate as pink dye tests, so I took another one about 10 minutes later, it is very faint, but there is a line there too!

That night I told Daddy B.  I couldn't hold it in!  I had read that if there is ANY trace of a line on a pregnancy test, it is positive.  So I felt safe telling Daddy B.  And with how well he knows me, well he would've known something was up anyway.   Baby C and I went shopping to find the perfect book:


When Daddy B got home and went to relax on the couch while I finished up dinner, I called Baby C in to the kitchen, gave him the book and said "Take your new book to Daddy!"  He was so good and went right over to him!  Daddy B was like "What's this?" and then his eyes got BIG and he looked up at me and said "Really?! Well get over here!!!"  And gave me one of the best hugs!!  He seemed very happy! :)

So I showed Daddy B the test and explained how early it was in my cycle, which is why it was so faint. We decided it would be best to test every other day so we could make sure the line got darker and indicated the HCG in my system was multiplying daily like it was supposed to.

Here's the test at 11 DPO:

Here was 13 DPO, which marked a missed period:

I'd say it's official!!  :)

You're probably interested in seeing my chart too.  It's so cool how my body told me all of the signs and how my temperature confirmed everything.  It's sorta weird to post this, because I tracked every symptom and every time Daddy B and I did the "baby dance" up to ovulation.  I know it's probably TMI, but I'm keeping this blog anonymous anyway!  And for those of you who know me in real life, sorry!  haha  I stopped temping after my third day of a positive test.  I'm glad not to have an alarm going off every morning at 6am to tell me to take my temperature!

Here's the last two cycles overlaid.  You can see how similar my temps are until 9 and 10 DPO, when they stay up, instead of dropping back down to indicate my period coming:

We have our first prenatal appointment with Dr. C at 12:30 on August 12th.  
Can't wait to see our little baby on our first ultrasound!!

P.S.  If you DO know me in real life, please don't post anything about this on facebook!  I'm only 4 weeks and we plan on waiting to spread the news until closer to 12 weeks when it's a little safer.  Thanks!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Week Wait

Any mom who is actively trying to get pregnant can tell you how hard the two week wait is between ovulation and your expected test date.

I'm there right now.  I feel like I'm over analyzing every thing I think could be a symptom!

That is all.