Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Year Later

It has been so long since I updated this thing, I doubt anyone reads it!

So today marks one year since my VBAC.  I have been pretty emotional over the past couple of days reflecting on where I was this time last year.  Sometimes it all seems like a dream!  I let myself travel back to the emotions surrounding that time.  I was so tired. I was defeated the night I went in to labor, yet relieved I had decided I would allow an induction if I reached 41+5 weeks.  I was done.  I went to bed that night and just told God "I give up."  That was what He was waiting for!  It still seems so surreal that I woke up to my water breaking.  It still seems so surreal that I had a VBAC!

I laid in bed two nights ago and texted the people who were at my birth telling them how much I appreciated them being with me that night.  I had these happy tears streaming down my face.  I know my birth wasn't exactly as I had planned, but it was MY birth experience and it was the most emotionally healing moment of my life.

I remember afterwards I was like, "I never want to do that again!" and now I can't wait.  Yes, we want to try *one* more time for that baby girl, but want to wait a couple more years.  We are immensely enjoying Baby B and Baby C. They are so sweet together!  Baby B is just blossoming as a one year old.  He is constantly pulling up to standing and babbles all the time.  First true word should be soon, but right now he imitates great and knows a couple of signs!  My boys are both late walkers, it seems.  Baby C walked at 16 months so I'm pretty laid back when it comes to milestones, although Baby B seems to be a little ahead of schedule than Baby C was.  He crawls on all fours and like loves to stand up, Baby C didn't do that until after 1 year old.  Baby B has 4 teeth (2 bottom, 2 top) and seems to be working on a couple more.  He is weaning off the bottle and loves to eat!  I still feed him pureed food occasionally because it fills him up.  He finally started sleeping through the night at 10 months and  that has made life MUCH more enjoyable!  I have loved being a stay at home mom this time around, since I worked until Baby C was 8 months.  I let Baby B set his schedule and we worked together to figure out his naps and what he needed to sleep through the night.

I am still leading the ICAN chapter here, although we aren't very active at the moment.  I have lots on my plate and am currently helping ICAN national on some projects.

I was telling a friend who is currently going for a VBA2C that after you achieve your birth, you get a "birth high" and then you kind of move on.  I am so passionate about cesarean prevention and VBAC, but I am a busy mom of two!  I am sure when it is time for #3 I will be obsessed again.  ;)

I'll end with the super sweet picture of my one year old VBAC baby! :)