Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby C Meeting Baby B

I wasn't too surprised to find out I had a second son.  The first time I heard the heartbeat, I instantly thought it was a boy.  We were so thrilled at the delivery when we found out Baby C had a little brother!

We stayed in the hospital about 36 hours, due to the delivery being at 1:23am and hospital policy having you stay 24 hours for observation (obviously couldn't leave at 1am the next day!).  We drove from the hospital to Aunt K's house, stayed the first night there and then made the long trip home.  I was BESIDE MYSELF excited to see my big boy!  I hadn't seen him in exactly 4 weeks!!  The time away was absolutely brutal on me as a mommy and I couldn't talk to him at night on the phone without crying.

We pulled up to the house and Daddy B went inside first.  I jumped in the backseat to nurse Baby B so he'd be happy to meet his brother, my MIL and my step-FIL.  Baby C was in shock when he saw me, but did give me a hug and kiss.  Then, Daddy B brought in Baby B!

(Following narrative of what I guess Baby C was probably truly thinking...)

"So this is that baby they kept talking about..." 

"Hmmm... he's smaller than I thought he'd be." 

"Let's put him in this 'baby chair'!" (Yes, he did insist we immediately put him in the swing!) 

"Well Grandma thinks he's okay.  If she thinks he's alright I guess I do too." 

"...but why are they making me kiss his head?" 

"Oh!  I get to hold him!!"

"Holy geez.  What just happened?  You mean he's staying here?  With us?"

"And now I have to share Daddy too."

I'm exaggerating, of course. :)  He has always been sweet, but in the beginning just didn't want anything to do with the baby.  He's warmed up to him quite a bit now.  I haven't taken a picture of them together in awhile, but just a few days later, he was already sharing our trains with him.

This was the very first time I put Baby B in his crib.  Baby C was so stinkin' excited that "baby" (how he usually refers to him since that's what we called Baby B the entire pregnancy) was FINALLY in his bed!

Baby C got smarter over the next few days and started bringing his stool in so he could reach the baby better.  He knows he's allowed to be gentle and touch his head.  He loves how soft Baby B is!

Now we are to the point that Baby C always ask if "Baby" is coming when we go somewhere and LOVES helping me in the nursery when I'm cleaning or organizing in there.  He insists on throwing away every single diaper and gets mad if I forget to ask him to do it!  He also knows who is the big brother, who is the little brother, who Bryce is (he calls him "Byce") and of course who "baby" is.

I love having two boys.  I can't wait to see them running around playing with each other!

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